BETA CAE Systems SA Workshop: Advanced modeling techniques for Biomechanics



This workshop will demonstrate how to employ BETA CAE Systems’ ANSA/Eπilysis/μETA suite, to facilitate engineering processes in the field of Biomechanics engineering. 

The ANSA pre-processor offers unique solutions and tools for complete model set-up. Now able to start from tomography data with the aid of the brand new tool, named TOMO, to generate high end solid meshes (tetras, hexa dominant, or pure hexa). Then, the fast process of setting-up a ready to run model in multiple solvers will be presented. The meshing treatment per geometrical feature and the automatic mesh improvement are only a few of the powerful features of the ANSA pre-processor. Additionally, the fast and easy modification of complete, ready to run models, providing new variants and loadcases with the aid of the ANSA Morphing Tool and the capabilities for parametrization of handling geometrical features, will also be presented.

After the setup of the model, the FEA analysis will take place in  the Eπilysis FEA solver. A task as easy as clicking a button due to its integration within ANSA. Eπilysis covers a wide range of FEA problems requiring structural analysis in the areas of Structural Linear, Dynamics and Quasi Static simulation. 

Last, this workshop will conclude with the demonstration of the μETA post-processor which offers unparralel capabilities for interpreting the results and generating full reports automatically. Its unique capabilitites offer the ability to fully automate repeated post-processing tasks.

All in all, reasearchers who will join this workshop will be able to take advantage of our more than 25 years of experience and development in numerous industries such as, the automotive, aerospace, and defence, and apply the offered tools in the field of Biomechanics. Through the ANSA/Eπilysis/μETA suite researchers can focus on the actual engineering tasks rather than on problems in setting up the required processes.




Image-Based Modelling for Simulation in Biomechanics with Simpleware

David Harman, PhD


3D image-based modelling from CT, MRI and other scan modalities allows for accurate reconstruction of anatomies for biomechanical analysis. Simpleware provides a software solution that combines image data visualisation, analysis and model generation into a single interface, with options to export very high-quality Finite Element (FE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) meshes. This workshop will cover the key benefits of the Simpleware approach, including the ability to integrate CAD-designed implants and anatomical data. Examples will also be given of the software in action, and the many options available for solving biomechanics challenges in the software.